Ace Of Spaids
Ace Of Spaids
Connecting people of all ability

Ace of Spaids

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an organization connecting people of all abilities through song.

CLOSE PERFORMANCE delivers the benefit of live performance to an audience-of-one in a personal setting. CLOSE stands for [C] Connect [L] Lower Volume [O] Offer Your Open Heart [S] Slow Down [E] Enjoy Yourself.


First, consider the audience………

It’s not a performance without an audience. Audiences can be big or small. Even a performance for a single audience member is important. At the Ace of Spaid Project the performer sings for an audience-of-one for optimal human connection.


Next, consider that music is the universal language……


…and it touches us at our very core in spite of language barriers. During a performance both the performer and the audience member feel a deep connection to each other. This unique gift of the performing arts recognizes a most fundamental need of human beings; to be heard and understood.

Remember that a song is more than just words…..

Emotion is the underpinning of all good performance. Emotion is why a really good song can move us so profoundly. It is through the emotional content of a performance, not just the words, that we feel so connected to each other.


The performing arts brings out the best…..


…in everyone. Performance is the raison d’être for practice. It provides motivation and an end point for the performer. The audience is coaxed out of their shell with the prospect of a really good show. It is risky because live performance is always unpredictable. But it is worth it for the fleeting chance to reach out and connect with the soul of another human being.